Wednesday, January 21, 2009


- We ran out of Surf's Up postcards 3 weeks ago, but we screened hundreds of them yesterday, and all of the packages that you ordered have been mailed out. Enjoy! Also, we are down to our last 100 packages!

- We have a live radio show coming out on LP on Troubleman very soon! This is the same recording we were selling CD-Rs of at shows this fall. The radio show was Choking on Cufflinks (WFMU).

- We never made a Demo Cassette. Whatever keeps popping up on ebay is not us. We only made demo CD-Rs. Our only cassette was released by Woodsist, and it included our LP, the Wild Eyes 7", and the Orphanage 7".

- We are going to fly to Europe next week, and we are really, really excited!

- We will be recording our 2nd album in March at the Distillery in California.

That's all for now! See you soon, Beligum!



puppies said...
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puppies said...


Gregory said...

Is there any way I can order the Europe poster? Please?! :-)


funny it even says that the demo tape was "slightly" more limited than the cdr

playtheace said...

can i still order this package..
cant see it on the website