Monday, May 25, 2009

Rest of European tour leg started

Today we took the Eurostar from London to Brussels and our friend Bram picked us up. Luckily the Eurostar did not eat my ipod this time around as I kept it very close by my side. Tomorrow we pick up the van in Holland and drive to Paris, can't wait!

Right now we're sitting in Bram's living room, blogging and watching Wildboyz and Jackass with some of our Belgian friends.

I would have a bunch of totally awesome pictures if I didn't leave my phone charger behind in Manchester so I have to wait til we get back to the UK because it's (hopefully) being mailed to London. For now I only have a car charger which there isn't always enough time to get a full charge on my phone, so it's constantly dying.
All of our other pictures are on disposable cameras which may or may not be developed and scanned at the end of tour.

Our 10 days in the UK were amazing and it was so great to spend time with our friends, we're really looking forward to seeing the rest of you in Europe!
Let the fun times commence!

Ali x

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tour with Male Bonding

Tour is almost to a close (the UK Male Bonding part at least). We will sorely miss our brothers - Fun Bobby, Fun Johnny (I don't think it ever stuck Robin) and Fun Kevs (sure, why not).

Some serious bonding.

Listen to Male Bonding. They're like if three dudes from Pre were obsessed with Nirvana, Blink 182, and girls made music. Actually that's exactly what they are.
They're dudes, kinda like Nodzzz, but English, and with better hair (joke).


We put a birthday cake that says "Happy 30th Birthday Michael" on our rider as a joke thinking no one will ever do it, but we got it for the first time. While it doesn't say '30th' I think it's good enough.


Budget rental sucks. They gave us a car and told us that it takes diesel and told us to make sure to fill it with diesel, they even wrote it down on a piece of paper and gave it to us. First time we go to fill it up we fill it with diesel. The engine seizes a mile down the road, it's obviously not a diesel engine. We call Budget, they call someone to come help us. We wait an hour for someone to come tell us "Yep, it's not diesel." We wait another hour to get towed. This is the view of the towing process from the tow truck. We got towed 40 minutes to the nearest Budget location (according to Budget). There is no location there. They tell us we need to get towed back to Heathrow airport where we rented the car. We tell them we are already an hour late for a show in Birmingham. They blame it on us. We cancel rental and rent from someone else. We showed up in Birmingham 5 hours after we should have.


Neil and Johnny



Katy's out with Crystal Antler and us boring folk are at a Travelodge!

Big Lion sleeps tonight

Bye boys, miss you already!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Proof that we made it

Ode to English Breakfast

For some reason I really like English breakfasts even though they feature two of my least favorite foods: mushrooms and tomatoes.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Video for Moped Girls

Hey everyone. The video for the song 'Moped Girls' is done. It's on a 7" that just came out on For Us records, which you can order online.

We had a ton of fun doing this video before our show in Seattle with our friend Brady. Katy and I smelled like sour milk and cream after but it was worth it.

Home for a day

So we just wrapped up our five week US/Canada tour tonight with a show at the Bowery Ballroom with our friends, Stupid Party and Times New Viking. One day off to get rid of this cold and catch up on E!, MTV, VH1 and Bravo trashy programming, then flying to the UK on Wednesday to embark on the start of our 4 week Eurotour. Thanks to everyone all over the US and Canada who came out to our shows and all the bands we played with. You made for a rad time. Europe, see you all soon!

I will leave you with some tour pictures and tour highlights..

(click on the pictures to see the whole thing, I can't figure out how to make blogger not cut them off) (editors note: i fixed the photos for you, ali! -katy)


Cole and Ariel

Weed, CA


Ski resort in Vancouver, BC

Braidy Katy

Double rainbow over SLC

Some girl's bathroom graffiti in Lawrence, KS

Being touristy on my unsuccessful quest to find a Los Campesinos CD in Minneap....olis

Katy's a tough guy

Cassie and I are not

Seeing Mikey in Minneapolis was an awesome treat

Even though I hate cats, this one was too fat not to like.

White monster, Mark's a jerk

+Being on the road with Ariel Pink and Haunted Graffiti
-Not being on the road with APHG anymore
+Abe Vigoda taking over for them in California and filling the void in our hearts
+Getting to hang out with our friends at Coachella and seeing incredible artists like the Cure, MIA, and Morissey.
-Washing my ipod in my laundry at the hotel in Palm Springs
+Throwing water balloons at Fucked Up during their Coachella set
-Getting in trouble for throwing water balloons at Fucked Up during their Coachella set :(
+Playing a crepe restaurant to a crowd of sweaty dancing kids who were sweating and dancing a foot from us
+Olive Garden soup, breadsticks and salad
+Nardwuar interview!!
+Midnight frisbee on astroturf with Tacocat in Seattle
+Spending time with our friends Gareth and Neil Campesinos in Seattle
-Crystal Antlers getting strip searched at the Canadian border
+DJing 90s top 40 in Toronto and clearing the room with the Deftones

It's my bedtime.


I added labels to the blog

So that you guys can know who's saying what. It has also now come to my attention that Cassie's gotta get blogging.