Saturday, August 29, 2009

everything goes wrong on itunes

Our new album Everything Goes Wrong is now available on itunes. It comes out on CD and vinyl in ten days.
Listening to We Be Xuxa in the van. See you in a half hour Champaign, IL.


Ben said...

will it be on Spotify prior to release? I want to listen NOW!!
Also.... nevermind Champaign, IL... when are you coming back to London?

Daniel Yo said...

I am ridiculously excited about Everything Goes Wrong. All the best records come out in Autumn. x

EricChi said...

I am buying it NOW! I pre-ordered it on CD too three days ago! BUT I MUST HAVE IT NOW! Cannot wait. No wait. No wait for me. No. Not gonna happen. Buy now!

Love you Vivian Girls!

-Eric Chicago

Janelle Rae said...

i bought the album on itunes... sooo good.
but i will also buy it in real form, hah.

c u guys next weeek @ rickshaw

Pedro said...

Vivian Girls on Blog do Kid

Ashley said...

Can someone please post the lyrics to "Everything Goes Wrong"?

Ashley said...

the entire album, that is.

Fashion By He said...

nice blog

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

EricChi said...

I have listened to “Everything Goes Wrong” a million times now and it is a masterpiece! Congratulations and THANK YOU!!!!! For creating such wonderful, beautiful, sophisticated art/music. I LOVE IT!!!!! Come back to Chicago soon please!!!!

-Eric Chicago

Alexander said...

I like this record. Thanks for making it.

Harry said...


Collin said...

thanks for the great show in shampoo banana, illinois! hope you come back again


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Rondell said...

Girl when everything is wrong I just remind myself that Jesus is the answer. He's our hero, our everything, our #1.

-Rondell Jenkins, first time commenter, lifetime lover of JC

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

cool cool cool

Lucas Zecchin said...
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Manipal King said...

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