Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tour with Male Bonding

Tour is almost to a close (the UK Male Bonding part at least). We will sorely miss our brothers - Fun Bobby, Fun Johnny (I don't think it ever stuck Robin) and Fun Kevs (sure, why not).

Some serious bonding.

Listen to Male Bonding. They're like if three dudes from Pre were obsessed with Nirvana, Blink 182, and girls made music. Actually that's exactly what they are.
They're dudes, kinda like Nodzzz, but English, and with better hair (joke).


We put a birthday cake that says "Happy 30th Birthday Michael" on our rider as a joke thinking no one will ever do it, but we got it for the first time. While it doesn't say '30th' I think it's good enough.


Budget rental sucks. They gave us a car and told us that it takes diesel and told us to make sure to fill it with diesel, they even wrote it down on a piece of paper and gave it to us. First time we go to fill it up we fill it with diesel. The engine seizes a mile down the road, it's obviously not a diesel engine. We call Budget, they call someone to come help us. We wait an hour for someone to come tell us "Yep, it's not diesel." We wait another hour to get towed. This is the view of the towing process from the tow truck. We got towed 40 minutes to the nearest Budget location (according to Budget). There is no location there. They tell us we need to get towed back to Heathrow airport where we rented the car. We tell them we are already an hour late for a show in Birmingham. They blame it on us. We cancel rental and rent from someone else. We showed up in Birmingham 5 hours after we should have.


Neil and Johnny



Katy's out with Crystal Antler and us boring folk are at a Travelodge!

Big Lion sleeps tonight

Bye boys, miss you already!


TheRainWillRemain said...

Great show yesterday at Stereo!I uploaded some pictures to my blog (quite bad haha) but I hope you like them!

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Funny to me how we can be so concerned about what mortals think (who’ll soon croak) rather than what Almighty God thinks (who’s immortal); funny to me is how the U.S. follows the whorizontal which’ll hit-you-in-the-ass rather than the Vertical which takes U.S. Home. Think, please, before you do something stupid --- Fear thy Divine Judgment, girl, as I am, and then everything will swiftly dwindle into BS on earth, k? Meet me Upstairs in the Great Beyond where we‘ll have a beer… or several. God bless.